JavaOne: DayTwo

I started today off at the keynote presentation.  It was an interesting affair, with giant high definition monitors displaying the speaker(s), which was appreciated since they were about a mile away from me.  The Moscone Center has some huge rooms.  There was a good deal of pomp and fanfare; it reminded me of Apple, only without the spark that Jobs brings to it.  Still, I got to see James Gosling, which was cool.  And when I say I got to see him, I mean from very far away.  He looked to be around an inch tall from where I was sitting.  He was the guy with the beard and the long hair.

A number of really cool things were announced during the keynote speech:

  • Java is now fully open source
  • A real-time API was released, which looked really cool
  • Java FX, which is a new scripting language that enables rapid development, particularly for web applications

I also found out a few other nifty things, such that Blu-ray uses Java with great effect to create more interactive interfaces.  I also liked the central message of the speech, that Java technology can be used as a force to bring about positive change in the world.  It was a message that resonated with me, and got me thinking that a difference can be made without joining the Peace Corp.  :)

After the keynote speech I attended 3 sessions.  The first covered Groovy, which looks really cool.  It seems to be Java’s answer to Python.  Definitely something to look into.  The other two sessions where about web algorithms and the simplification of Java JRE deployment.  I did learn something new from each.  However, a number of the topics in the web algorithms session I had learned in college, and the deployment session turned out to be pretty “meh” since it doesn’t really concern me.

Overall, a good day.  I learned quite a good deal.  The vendors’ area was a madhouse, but I managed to score some swag.  If I’m brave I’ll venture into there tomorrow as well.  And maybe get my picture taken with Duke

The weather continues to be beautiful here.  And I managed to have some damn good Chinese food tonight.  Tune in tomorrow for more.

4 Responses to “JavaOne: DayTwo”

  1. Arjun says:

    Java FX eh? Scripting as in client side scripting?

  2. ramapajama says:

    I suppose. You can read more about it here:

    It looks pretty powerful, so I’m sure I’ll check it out in the near future (read: never). 😀

  3. quailbot says:

    I’ll read about it if it turns out a success. There are too many things for me to learn already, which is both good :) and bad :(

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